Well, well, well…isn’t this a great start to the season. Hopefully we can benefit by having a terrific rest of the season as well as an extended one…

Since we last talked, or blogged, I was heading to Toronto April 2nd to 4th, for the PGA of Canada AGM which was being held at the Airport Crowne Plaza. It was my first official AGM as Chairman and I got to tell you it was nerve racking. Being responsible for 3,500 members I was a little, ok a lot, leery as to the questions I would be presented with. However, it went well, and all members questions were answered. 

Mark & Carol at Augusta, Georgia

After the AGM it was the most exciting time of the year for me and for every golf fanatic… “The Masters”. Carol and I left on April 8th flying to Toronto then Atlanta and then driving to Augusta, Georgia. We stayed in a house with the CEO of the PGA of Canada, the CEO of the PGA of Holland and the CEO of PGA of Great Britain. The Masters, well is just that. Masterful in every sense of the word. The chills you get when you drive up Magnolia Lane is a memory I will not forget. I had the opportunity to attend the Golf Canada cocktail party with Carol after spending the day at the golf course and met Corey Connors fresh off his victory in Texas. He is an up and coming star for Canada and after winning in Texas he was jetted to Augusta to participate in the Masters. On Wednesday I attended the Chairman of the Masters, Mr. Ridley, for a buffet dinner held on the veranda of the Augusta National clubhouse. What a treat…such a historic building. If walls could talk…

Chairmen of The Masters Buffet Dinner

Carol and I spent Thursday at the golf course watching from Amen’s corner where you can watch play from the 11th green, 12th tee and green and the 13th tee…all from the comfort of the bleachers. On Sunday I was to be at the winner’s presentation as a guest but due to weather it was canceled and only done in Butler’s Cabin. Oh well…hopefully next year.

I did spend some time in the merchandise shop where they say the average purchase of patrons is $900.00 US. Well I was sent out to prove them wrong. How can someone spend and average of $900.00 dollars at one event? I proved them wrong…I ONLY spent $830.00! Yikes…

My adventures for May will be Ottawa, April 30th, May 1st and 2nd. Toronto May 7th and 8th and then the PGA Championships in New York the 14th to the 19th. Hoping to get the Master’s Champions signature on a Masters flag I picked up for the golf course…fingers crossed…

Until next month…

Mark Patterson
President, PGA of Canada
PGA of Canada Head Professional – Harbor Golf Club and Resort

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