Course Overview

About the Course

A premier 18 hole Saskatchewan golf course, on the shores of stunning Lake Diefenbaker.

Situated on Lake Diefenbaker, at the Elbow Harbor Recreational site, this championship golf course in Saskatchewan boasts three water hazards and 67 sand traps on large manicured greens – an exciting challenge to all levels of golf enthusiasts.

Blue Tee: 364

White Tee: 347

Yellow Tee: 324

Blue/White Handicap: 9

Yellow Handicap: 7

Hole 1

Slight Dogleg left PAR 4 with out of bounds on the left side. Hit a club that will position you close to the 150-yard marker. Large green guarded by bunkers on either side.

Hole 2

Lengthy PAR 5 where you must hit driver off the tee. Hitting your second shot as close to the creek crossing the fairway gives you the best shot at birdie. Careful with your second shot as the fairway is protected by water on both sides and a creek crossing in front of the green. Large green with tricky breaks.

Blue Tee: 540

White Tee: 507

Yellow Tee: 434

Blue/White’s Handicap: 1

Yellow Handicap: 11

Blue Tee: 377

White Tee: 352

Yellow Tee: 321

Blue/White’s Handicap: 5

Yellow Handicap: 13

Hole 3

Great PAR 4 with water going down the left. Hit to 150-yard marker and then hit to center of the green instead of at the pin. Two tier green and guarded by a bunker on the left and one in the back.

Hole 4

Short PAR 3 which needs your full attention! Best play is center of the green.

Blue Tee: 151

White Tee: 99

Yellow Tee: 72

Blue/White’s Handicap: 15

Yellow Handicap: 1

Blue Tee: 309

White Tee: 279

Yellow Tee: 232

Blue/White’s Handicap: 17

Yellow Handicap: 17

Hole 5

Short-ish PAR 4 with slight curve to the right. A straight shot about 200 yards will nicely place you in the attack the pin zone. Back left pin placement is a tricky pin. Hit to the center of the green for best chance at birdie. Easy to make 3, 4, 5 or other on this hole.

Hole 6

Tough PAR 4. Long accurate tee shot is required. Fairway is protected by trees, brush and sand. Hitting inside the 150 is best and hitting to the center of the green is also best. Green is well guarded with a pot bunker on the right and a large bunker on the left. Four is a good score here.

Blue Tee: 399

White Tee: 370

Yellow Tee: 340

Blue/White’s Handicap: 3

Yellow Handicap: 9

Blue Tee: 504

White Tee: 486

Yellow Tee: 445

Blue/White’s Handicap: 11

Yellow Handicap: 15

Hole 7

Great long PAR 5 needing a straight tee shot, a straight second shot and a straight third shot. Water comes into play on your second shot which is on the right. Trees and out of bounds guard the left side of the fairway. Narrow green with bunkers on the front left, large bunker on the right side and a smaller one about mid green on the left.

Hole 8

Neat PAR 3 which needs a long accurate tee shot. Green is guarded with water on the right as well as bunkers on the right and left. Make three here and move on!

Blue Tee: 178

White Tee: 158

Yellow Tee: 126

Blue/White’s Handicap: 13

Yellow Handicap: 3

Blue Tee: 375

White Tee: 368

Yellow Tee: 325

Blue/White’s Handicap: 7

Yellow Handicap: 5

Hole 9

Fantastic front nine finishing PAR 4. Long tee shot is required to take advantage of the large landing area. Fairway bunker guards the right side of the fairway. Long narrow green guarded by a bunker on the right and out of bounds on the left. Play to the center of the green for best chance at par. After making par stop in at the clubhouse to celebrate as not many people make par on that hole!

Hole 10

PAR 4 with wide-open fairway and a large green with a bunker on the right protecting it. Tough pin when its on the left side as the green narrows up.

Blue Tee: 383

White Tee: 367

Yellow Tee: 334

Blue/White’s Handicap: 10

Yellow Handicap: 8

Blue Tee: 162

White Tee: 142

Yellow Tee: 110

Blue/White’s Handicap: 14

Yellow Handicap: 10

Hole 11

Tough PAR 3 to a long narrow green guarded by two bunkers. One right and one left. Hit to the center of the green. Hole plays a little longer than the yardage indicates as it is all carry.

Hole 12

Great dogleg left PAR 4 requiring a long straight tee ball. Hitting over the trees will give you the best option for a short second shot. Bunker on right of fairway is in play off the tee. Don’t cut too much off the corner as everything bounces to the left and there is a hazard all down the left. Hard green to hit as there are bunkers left and right that come in to play. Four is a great score!

Blue Tee: 380

White Tee: 365

Yellow Tee: 333

Blue/White’s Handicap: 8

Yellow Handicap: 12

Blue Tee: 582

White Tee: 550

Yellow Tee: 518

Blue/White’s Handicap: 4

Yellow Handicap: 4

Hole 13

Long rolling PAR 5 with out of bounds all down the right side. Good tee shot required and a good second shot will leave the average golfer at the 150-yard maker. Third shot requires an accurate shot to a long narrow green. Tough pin to get to when it is in the front and back locations. Best to hit the center and take your two-putt par.

Hole 14

Short PAR 4 with a slight left to right fairway. Fairway is protected by a waste bunker on the right, but this hole gives up a lot of birdies. Iron off the tee leaves a 120-yard shot to the green. Large green with one bunker on the left.

Blue Tee:339

White Tee: 314

Yellow Tee: 293

Blue/White’s Handicap: 18

Yellow Handicap: 18

Blue Tee: 110

White Tee: 93

Yellow Tee: 66

Blue/White’s Handicap: 16

Yellow Handicap: 16

Hole 15

This short PAR 3 you can hit anything from a wedge to a 3 wood if the wind is in your face. Narrow two-tier green makes player take anything from birdies to very large numbers. Trees and bushes protect the green so accurate tee shot is required. Great view of the lake distracts even the best players.

Hole 16

Amazing PAR 4. Long tee shot required as you must hit over a ravine. Your tee shot can’t be left, right, or short! A good tee shot will leave you at the 150 – yard marker. Approach shot is to a narrow green with bunkers left and right.

Blue Tee: 395

White Tee: 346

Yellow Tee: 193

Blue/White’s Handicap: 2

Yellow Handicap: 2

Blue Tee: 361

White Tee: 340

Yellow Tee: 320

Blue/White’s Handicap: 12

Yellow Handicap: 14

Hole 17

Short PAR 4. Three wood or long iron off the tee is all that is needed. Green is large with a bunker to the right. Second shot should be a short iron and at any pin placement on the green. Flat green with subtle breaks.

Hole 18

Best finishing PAR 4 in the Province. Long, small landing area, fairway bunker on the left, mounds, and trees to the right. Long tee shot gets you to the 150. Green is well protected by bunkers front right and left as well as back. Best second shot is to middle of the green and two-putt for par. If you make par on this hole celebrate…not many people make par here!

Blue Tee: 388

White Tee: 370

Yellow Tee: 347

Blue/White’s Handicap: 6

Yellow Handicap: 6