Hello everyone and welcome back to the golf season. Hope that you had a great winter and are looking forward to a long and sizzling summer. Here is to low scores, rain at night, sun during the day, no wind, and no mosquitoes…ha.

This is my first attempt at a blog and the idea is to keep you informed as happenings around the golf shop as well as some insight in to my life as the President of the PGA of Canada.

We, I, would like to keep it light and fun. The blogs, if you will, will run once a month for twelve months.

This being the first one I would like to start by recapping my first eleven months of my journey as President.

My swearing in took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba last May 2018 as this was where the former President lives. A week after I was off to Ottawa to meet with Senators and Members’ of Parliament to try and convince them the benefits of the golf industry and allow business owners the opportunity to write off a day of golf, meals, and transportation such as hockey and baseball is allowed.

In June, I attended the PGA of Canada Championships in Ontario and handed the winner his trophy and cheque. In July, I was a guest of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland and attended The Open in Carnoustie, Scotland. While there our CEO and I attended meetings with GB&I, PGA of Australia, PGA of Brazil and the PGA of Europe. Friendly conversation and the sharing of knowledge. After returning for a few days I was off to Ontario for the Canadian Open which was held for most likely the last time at Glen Abbey in Oakville. Again, we had meetings but with the USGA and Golf Canada. These discussions centered around what each association can bring to each other. In August I attended the PGA of Canada Seniors Championships and the PGA of Canada’s Ladies Championships to hand out the Trophy and winners’ cheque. I was a guest of the PGA of America and attended the PGA Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. September I was at the PGA of Canada Assistants Championships, the Ryder Cup in Paris, France and in October I was at the RBC PGA of Canada Scramble in Cape Breton. The year finished off in Arizona for our Canadian Professional Club Championships. January I was in Orlando, Florida for meetings with our Board and distributed the hardware for our National winners during Canada Night.

This April 2019 I will be attending the PGA of Canada’s AGM in Toronto as well as The Masters in Augusta, Georgia from the 8th to the 15th of April. A dream coming true!!

Along with the travel the National Board of Directors meet in person twice a year and have two video conference calls a year. Dozens of emails, member issues, budgeting and so one usually covers our meetings. As President I chair the discipline committee, Finance Committee, Hall of Fame Committee to name a few.

There now you are all caught up…lots of travel networking and meetings always promoting Elbow and Harbor Golf Club and Resort.
My next blog will not be as long winded as it will be highlights of the Masters…can’t wait to get there!

Until next month…

Mark Patterson
President, PGA of Canada
PGA of Canada Head Professional – Harbor Golf Club and Resort

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